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In-home Jewelry Instruction


For those of you who want to host a jewelry making party you are in for a treat!  If you have not been to a Dragon Faiya Kreations Jewelry class here is the perfect opportunity to bring the class to you.  DFK is now offering home classes to you and guests in a residence of your choosing for a fun time filled with creativity and adventure.  In a 3 hour seminar class format, you can choose from a variety of different jewelry projects for you and guest to enjoy.   



 Basic Info

  • Classes are presented in 3 hour format

  • Base Class fee is $50 per person

  • Min class size: 5 people Max: 10 people

  • Classes are to be scheduled at least 2 weeks prior to party

  • Supplies and tools will be provided by DFK, and guest are welcome to bring their own

  • For specific gem or supply requests please contact DFK to determine any changes to class fee based on request  

  • Down payment of 50% of total class size due at registration of party.   

Host Requirements

  •  Providing location for classes to take place

  • Preparing space for guest and myself to learn in a safe environment

DFK Responsibilities

  • DFK will provide all tools and supplies necessary for the completion of seminar

  • DFK will also provide handouts pertaining to current class for future references

  •  DFK will provide engaging hands on learning experience for your guest and you to enjoy. 



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