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Screenshot_2019-01-09 Laurence and Iyabo
About Me

   Peace! My name is Laurence Pommells and I am the artist behind Dragon Faiya Kreations.  Dragon Faiya Kreations was birthed out of my younger explorations of art in high school in Chicago.  Since the beginning I worked with a variety of mediums: painting, sculpture, wood working etc. I’ve always loved working with my hands, and it was actually my wood workings at the time lead me to jewelry making.  Years ago, while vending at the annual Kwanzaa Festival at Malcolm X College, I saw a man krafting these amazing pieces out of metal wire and raw gemstones. Witnessing his craft I became enthralled by his work.  His work inspired me so much, that I decided to start making jewelry.  In that moment I found myself, and began to teach myself how to manifest these funky designs in my head…


    12 years have passed since that day... And I’ve never regretted a single moment of it.  Jewelry making has given me a joy rivaled only by my love of the martial arts.  Through both of them nothing gives me greater happiness than seeing the excitement on a satisfied patron’s face.  Jewelry making gives me a chance to engage with people, bringing out their most admirable qualities in the work I do for them.  When I design kustom pieces for customers, I interview them.  I discover what make them unique in this world, and I replicate and accent that light innate in my customers through my work.

   By incorporating Supreme Mathematics, Khemetic iconography, and other Pan-Afrikan ideas I seek to bridge the gap between philosophy, spirituality and jewelry making.  These themes and other constitute the driving forces behind Dragon Faiya Kreations and my dedication to healing, growth, and ascension. 


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